is a global resource concierge initiative providing access to organizations, products, services, events, disability assistance, and general information through the establishment of interconnected global networks. The goal is to use technology and collaboration to improve and facilitate access for everyone by mobilizing and leveraging resources to identify and align organizations and initiatives to promote improved human, economic, and physical accessibility.

Links and Resources continues to identify and work with organizations and individuals to provide information and resources to facilitate access. Please visit the Resources tab for additional information.

Why We Do It

A catalyst for is the disability community and the related marketplace, employers and social circles. According to Disabled World, disability affects hundreds of millions of families in developing countries. Currently around 10% of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability. The Wall Street Journal reported that according to BBC Research, the market for assistive technologies in the U.S. stood at $41.1 billion in 2011. By 2016, the group estimates that value will grow to $55 billion. seeks to bring together individuals, organizations, and resources to facilitate access through the establishment of:

      • Cloud based information repositories that integrate databases of geocentric and business information, with the ability to both provide and access information
      • An interconnected network of information and referral systems and resource centers
      • Call centers staffed with individuals who are able to connect the user to preferred types of information
      • A premier website providing access to information in a user-friendly way for all, regardless of ability or disability
      • Mobile apps that are easy to use for all ages, abilities, and in any global location to assist the user in finding desired local or global products and resources

From Our Founder

We facilitate connections and interactions between companies, government, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. We’re focused on trying to achieve outcomes that benefit everyone involved—from the corporations and their consumers to communities and their citizens.
Rick Rodgers, Founder and Director