Welcome to Access 360.org

The Access360.org initiative is an outgrowth of the work and passions of The Resource Network’s Managing Director, Rick Rodgers, who draws from a depth of experience and contacts to facilitate collaborative initiatives in government, commercial, non-profit, and underserved communities. As a resource matchmaker, Rick has a unique ability to identify commonalities and synergy points to bring together strategic connections that will increase market reach and effectiveness.

Who is Access360.org?

Our Mission
To facilitate access for everyone!
The Access360.org Philosophy
Collaborative work is the key to success.
Our Driving Motivator
The global community is rich in resources and opportunities for all, especially in the underserved marketplace.
Social Responsibility
Access360.org is committed to promote compassionate accessibility in ways that creatively benefit users and providers of resources, doing so because we want to rather than because we have to.

Our Skills

Building Networks 90%
Building Bridges 95%
Finding Resources 85%
Assistive Technologies 75%

Our Team


Associates of Access360.org and The Resource Network have held significant leadership positions in private industry, public accounting, management consulting, associations, and technology companies. Innovative teaming brings together unparalleled technical, operational and management resources. A network of advisors for Access360.org represent thought leaders from academic, business and civic fields.

Access the World