The Resource Network

The Resource Network brings together people and organizations in creative ways to achieve improved individual and group results. They help organizations develop world-class business initiatives through innovative information sharing and delivery mechanisms. As technology progress, we find ourselves closer and closer to people and organizations around the world. While challenges are complex, the potential of inter-connectedness is enormous. Meaningful relationship can multiply the potential of one into powerful results. The Resource Network is built and premised on an abundant network of friendship, resources, and reciprocal support. Under the direction of Managing Director, Rick Rodgers, The Resource Network connects people, systems, technology and other resources within and between organizations to achieve mutual success and discover new opportunities for one another. To learn more, please visit .


About Rick Rodgers

Rick Rodgers, managing director and co-founder of The Resource Network, has more than twenty years experience developing collaborative initiatives in business, technology, government, international trade, and public service. Throughout his career Rick has been a catalyst bringing together public and private sector officials, vendors and customers, departments within an enterprise, systems, and people of varying perspectives in ways that enhance individual and collective success. He has worked with and for governors, corporate executives, technology companies, information providers, international trade and development agencies, associations, and the disabled in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Results he and others have achieved are described as among the best of their type in the world.

We have a variety of tools and resources that we use to ensure success in our projects

      • ResNet Process™
      • Resource and Audience Audit™
      • Synergy Reporting
      • A variety of integrated databases and research associates
      • A virtual office network to allow for support any time, any where